Andha Kabari aur Sone Ke Khwab

Khwab le lo Khwab….. the cry of many an Andha Kabari.

That rings on the streets of Pakistan every morning and dies unheard with the setting sun each evening.

This country that was created on the basis of a religious ideology is now being devoured by religious ideologies. As with all things critical in life it is difficult to apply an objective standard and invariably subjective standards are applied and sides are drawn, resultantly people are divided, ideologies are divided, and the one factor that had united the people so many years ago is now tearing it apart.

Who is responsible? The faith or the followers? The tolerant or the intolerant?

How far or how short will the leash of tolerance or intolerance go? Today its THEM tomorrow it will be US. Its just the “THEM” and “US” that needs to be determined and ascertained before we are all painted black with the same  brush.

As any sane person would ask what does this have to do with the poor Andha Kabari?

Our Andha Kabaris are the only torch bearers that remain today who remember the other fundamental reason why this country was created. And they are still fulfiling their thankless duty.

shahar ke goshon main hai

bikhray huwe bashakasta sar-burida khwab

jin se shehar wale bekhabar hain

ghoomta hun shehar ke goshon mai roz-o-shab

ke unko jama karloon

dil ki bhatti mai tapaoon

jis se chut jaye purana mail

unke dast-o-pa phir se ubhar aayaen

chamak uthain lab-o-rukhsar-o-gardan

jaise no-arasta doolhon ke dil ki hasratain

phir se in khawabon ko simte rehne dein

khwab le lo khwab

subh hotey hi chawk main ja kar lagata hoon sada

khwab asli hain ke naqli

yun parakhtay hain jaise

in se barrah ke khwab daan koi na ho

khwabgar main bhi nahin

surat gar-e-sani hoon bas

haan magar meri maeeshat ka sahara khwab hain

sham hojati hai

sham hojati hai

main phir se lagata hoon sada

muft le lo muft….

ye sonay ke khwab

muft le lo muft ye sone ke khwab

muft sun kar aur dar jatey hain log

aur chupke se sirak jatey hain log

dekhna ye muft kehta hai

koi dhoka na ho

aisa koi shobda pinha na ho

ghar pohanch kar toot jayain

ya pighal jayain ye khwab

bhak se urh jayain kaheen

ya hum pe koi sehar kar dalain ye khwab

ji nahin..kis kam ke

aisey kabari ke khwab

aisey nabeena kabari k ye khwab

raat hojati hai

khwabon ke palinde

sar pe rakh kar moon basooray lott-ta hoon

raat bhar bar barata hoon

ye le lo khwab

aur le lo mujh se in ke daam bhi

khwab lelo khwab

merey khwab.. khwab..merey khwab

But still there are multiple Andha Kabaris that are plying their wares on our streets and trying to wake up the populace and make them realise that this country and our people have so much more to offer.

That observing the principles of freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice along with the principles of democracy are the inherent right granted to every citizen of this country;

That each citizen of the minority community has the right to freely profess and practice their religion and to develop their culture and the state has to make adequate provisions to ensure their rights;

That Fundamental Rights, Equality of Status, Equality of Opportunity, Equality Before Law, Social Justice, Economic and Political Justice, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Belief, Freedom of Faith, Freedom of Worship and Association are guaranteed to each citizen.

If all this and more is what we the people of Pakistan have given to ourselves in the form of our Constitution, than why are we silent spectators.

While the Andha Kabaris do their job of reminding us that this country has actually also been formed for ensuring that peoples dreams are fulfilled in a country free of prejudices and biases.

Lets keep the flame burning.



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